The Industry And Organization Psychology

The industry stands for a new industrial revolution. What happens to people and work, what is the future of human resources management? Working and organization psychology at the universities expect in particular decentralized organizational structures and more self-responsible work. The emergence of new occupational images, the role of employees in a networked working world, all this requires a lot of imagination.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

With the industry, the spectrum of tasks and requirements of the human being is changing. In addition to professional qualification, more complex requirements but also social skills will play a greater role. The new positioning of the employees in the production process can only be successfully managed through modified qualification strategies, new approaches for acquiring knowledge and competence in the workplace and digital learning techniques.

In particular, an interdisciplinary qualification with the know of how the engineering sectors will be important. The variety of possible fields of application associated with the industry sets limits for standardized training.

In the future, employees will be given more opportunities for acting responsibly. Optimal system design and corresponding technical and work design require decentralized management and control forms.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Already today, it can be seen to varying degrees that there is a detachment from the classical, hierarchical organization with rigid work structure, time orientation, control and the separation of work and leisure.

The smart attribute must not be limited to manufacturing, new products, and software. For the industry, as part of a networked intelligent working environment, management must provide a qualitative personnel planning. In addition to preparing for the complex and dynamic processes, it is also necessary to guarantee that the work is demographic-sensitive designed.

organization psychology

We will face a shrinking and aging workforce also in the factory of the future. This requires greater consideration of the health promotion of employees and executives. Great value must be put on individual needs to harmonize work and private life. Work processes and structures and the resulting psychological and physical burdens must be health-justifiable.



Interesting Weight Loss Tips To Feel Better

Weight loss tips is often a challenge. Even more difficult it seems to keep the laboriously achieved desired weight permanently. With the necessary knowledge, however, both slimming and weight keeping are easy actually. Implement the following weight loss tips in your personal nutrition plan. Within four weeks you will not only lose weight, but also feel more beautiful, younger and more powerful.

Cancelling Sugar And Flour

There is no way to get fit like this. Sugar and flour are isolated carbohydrates. They lead to blood glucose fluctuations, to hot hunger attacks and to excessive appetite. They keep the insulin level up and prevent fat from being removed. Isolated carbohydrates give you nothing but calories. No vital substances, no minerals, no trace elements and no useful secondary plant substances. So there’s no reason to eat them. Avoid sugar and flour and all the products that contain these two foods.

Losing Weight Without Processed Food

Processed foods include products such as fried chicken, biscuits, crackers, chips, commercial cereals, sweets, baked goods and ready meals of all kinds. These products contain trans fats, abundantly isolated carbohydrates ,usually too much salt or glutamate. At the same time, they do not provide you with any vital substances, so it makes no sense to eat these products unless you want to add weight in an unhealthy way.

Probiotics Help In Weight-Losing

Probiotics are useful intestinal bacterias, which in many ways have an extremely positive effect on human health and also help with weight-control. There are many hundreds of species. Each person has a very individual intestinal bacterial composition and thus a very individual intestinal flora, depending on the intestinal flora of the parents and depending on the personal diet and lifestyle.

weight loss tips

Bitter substances stimulate the liver functions and in this way stimulate the metabolism. Bitter substances also change the taste sensation in the long term, so that sweets no longer taste, which of course has a very favorable effect on weight loss. Bitter substances can be absorbed with the help of different preparations.

Weight-Control With The Right Drinks

However, sweetened drinks are not ideal for weighting, as we have explained here: It makes fat. Be more consistent on still water and herbal teas and drink 1.5 to 2 liters a day. If you do not want to drink water without carbon dioxide, then choose at least one mineral water without any other additives (no sweeteners, aromas, fruit concentrates, etc.)


Common Characteristics Of Depressed People

Everyone knows about their everyday feeling of not being good at it, but depression has nothing to do with it. Characteristics of depressed in the medical sense are serious illnesses that can end up deadly in extreme cases. For some of those affected suffer so strongly that they put an end to their own lives.

Characteristics of Depressed People

Otherwise the depressed person feels ununderstood and his mood continues to decline. Consider depression as suffering that requires a rapid and targeted treatment, such as a severe infection or a complicated bone fracture. Depression is all the more responsive to therapy, the earlier the treatment begins.

Special Features In Dealing With Depression

-Sufferers feel incapable of being small, guilty, ugly and useless

-Concentration, perseverance and the ability to rejoice is lacking you

-Accept that the diseased person cannot immediately change this state from his or her own powers

Many depressed feel inwardly empty, exhausted and powerless. In this situation, you need a precondition (for example, in the form of an initial illness) and affection. Although patients are not particularly encouraged by their behaviour (lack of drive, pessimism, devaluation of their own person and others), they are especially reliant on the appreciation of their environment. They often starve to the right. Keep in mind, therefore, that the behaviour of the patient that is often difficult for the environment is not directed against you personally, but is the expression or consequence of the basic disease. Give the patient feedback that will help him improve his or her self-image. Be honest about this, as the sick person may doubt your sincerity.

Always point out to the patient that depression is today one of the most successfully treatable mental illnesses. In case of proper therapy, a visible improvement is usually already apparent within a few weeks.


Famous Psychological Experiments That We Have Heard

Each of us has already heard about the psychological experiments. Of these famous experiments of psychology that cause goosebumps. Like Stanley Milgram’s. Who successfully instructed his subjects to put violent electric shocks on foreign people. They were ordinary people who did it.

Most Famous Psychological Experiments

They gave electric shocks simply because they were told. But who were these men? Why was there an attempt at all? And how did this influence us? Questions that Lauren Slater in her book “of Rats and people” is trying to get to the bottom. Milgram experiments is only one under ten, which the author has subjected to an accurate as well as very personal analysis.

“Rats and humans”- Already the title is program, because the American author Lauren Salter, by the way herself psychologist, kidnapped very skilfully, humorously and sometimes a bit cynical in the often skurill-looking world of psychology and her actors. Or as it is in the original title so beautiful is called openning Skinner’s Box: She opens the box, one for lay mysterious. And that makes them extremely unconventional. For Lauren Slater not only describes ten of the most important psychological experiments of the twentieth century and arranges them historically, but also presents the test makers in detail, describes their Vita, both professionally and privately, and always tries to extent to which the experiments have influenced the lives of the creators themselves.

psychological experiments

Skillfully, the author breathes life into the experiments, brings them out of the world of science and makes them tangible. She does not shy away from repeating some of the experiments presented in her own body. All of this makes them so good, so skillfully, that they can be followed as readers. One creeps through the black box of a B. F. Skinner, who successfully showed that the behaviour of rats could be conditioned by reward and thus also offered conclusions for human behavior.

That man is directed less by free will than by the prospect of reward. The story about this experiment is particularly spiced up by the fact that Slater is following the rumors about Skinner’s older daughter. Rumours suggesting that Skinner should have put his daughter in a box in the first two years of her life to make her behave.



Personality Models And Different Theories

We are dealing with other people on a daily basis and we have to deal with their sensitivities, properties, abilities and many other components and peculiarities. In order to guarantee this individual treatment and the appropriate handling of our fellow human beings, it helps to be taught about the different personality theories of psychology.

At least it is helpful to have heard and to know that each person has a different character and that we are therefore to face many different personalities with different views and values. In general, all people should deal with their own personality and know the essential traits of their own selves. But especially for people who take on a daily responsibility for other people and act as senior executives, the following personality theories represent an interesting added value and enable a more individual and more conscious management of people and employees.

Theories of Personality

In principle, personality models can be distinguished in two classes. In the first class, the focus is on personality types. In these personality models, one is in principle only assigned to one personality type, even if mixed forms are possible to a limited extent. The advantage of these personality models is that well-chosen types have a fairly high recognition value, which is why these personality models can be quickly learnt and applied. They are therefore more suitable for the live evaluation of foreign people, as personality models of the second class. Disadvantage, however, is that they entice you to think of drawers.

Second class personality models focus on scales. These personality models assume that there are a certain number of dimensions that are important to describe the human character. This is not about the question of whether, but about how strong the influence of a scale is on the personality. These personality models are much more flexible and far more suitable for capturing the full range of different characters.

Personality Theories and Models

Besides a personality model, the Enneagram is above all a way to personal development, which is strongly influenced by spirituality, esotericism and partly also religiosity. The roots of the Enneagram could go back to antiquity.

personality models

In the Enneagram one is basically only one of these types assigned. This can still be influenced by another so-called “wing”. In addition, the types can still be divided into sub-types. However, a mixture of the types is not provided. On the contrary, the Enneagram strongly urges all personality models to assign themselves to a single personality type.

Things We Didn’t Know About Raw Food

Raw food, even eating more or less exclusively raw, is often portrayed as the healthiest of all nutritional forms. Cooked food is deprived of their nutrients as it is said. But should we really only eat the fruits of nature in their unwrought? Is it up to the allegations?

Raw Food Recipes

The main advantage of raw food is that the contained enzymes, minerals and vitamins remaine intact. These would be destroyed during cooking, which is why cooked, denatured food is inferior. Let us look at these substances in detail.


These substances act as catalysts for biochemical reactions. In the organism, they control digestion by decomposing food components, such as the Pepsin, which decomposes in the stomach proteins. Almost all enzymes are proteins themselves and humans produce them the same if there is no genetic defect.

Another example of an enzyme is lactase, which helps in the digestion of lactose, the milk sugar. People with lactose have no lactase. You can actually help the supply of lactase to digest milk. However, the amounts of the supplied lactase would have to be very large.


Minerals such as iron or zinc, which also include the trace elements, are part of the micro-nutrients. They are partly essential and can actually be lost due to strong food processing. However, cooking is not one of them, because minerals are hardly susceptible to heat.


In fact, the fewest vitamins are heat sensitive. Vitamin C is the most sensitive of essential vitamins and it loses its value under heat-as well as under the influence of oxygen or light. Vitamin B5 is also heat-sensitive and at very high temperatures the vitamins B1 and B9 slowly lose their value.

raw food

Bad Comparisons 

It is out of question as to whether the common raw is healthier than an average fast food junkie. Such comparisons obviously are made by television editors, but are not in way objective and unfortunately distort public perception.

At least the result of the pouring raw food study gives the impression: more than half of the participants had underweight, one third of the women under 45 had no more menstruation – a symptom of malnutrition. Significant deficiencies were found in the supply of iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

So is raw food the best of all nutritional forms? It doesn’t look like it. For neither does it bring appreciable advantages over the same foods in boiled form, nor is it free of risks. However, there is no reason to completely banish raw foods from the diet. On the contrary: especially with fruit there is hardly any reason to cook it before consumption. And also many vegetables taste excellent untreated.

Beneficial Facts Of Vegetarian Diets

The vegetarian diet is the best diet for health and environment. This means, among other things, that a well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet is suitable for all phases of life, and if these diets were practised in childhood, this measure alone could in later life be the reducement risk for chronic diseases.

Vegetarian Diet Benefits

Many studies have already highlighted the health benefits of a herbal diet. This primarily involves a lower risk of obesity and diabetes. But also certain cancer risks and the cardiovascular risk can be reduced if more is put on herbal food. Now a vegetarian or vegan diet of course is not automatically healthy in every case. You can eat very unhealthy with almost any nutritional direction and thus also with a vegan or vegetarian diet. For example, those who feed on sugar, flour and chips eat vegan, but not particularly healthy.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics therefore stresses that a well-planned herbal diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains can offer a whole cornucopia of health benefits. There is no fear of nutrients and vital substances. Because if you recommend a vegan or vegetarian diet, then of course you recommend the healthy, full-fledged and balanced variant and not the junk-food version.

A Balanced Diet For Vegetarians

Environmental benefits are also not forgotten. The Academy agrees that a vegetarian diet that lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent, a vegan diet does this by 50 percent. This is because vegetarian diets require less water, less fossil fuels, less pesticides and less artificial fertilizers than dietary forms based on meat and other animal foods.

vegetarian diets

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diets are also very well suited for children and adolescents, and they help young people to establish a healthy basis for their later life. Vegetarian diet represent between 2 percent to 5 percent of the total adult.

Nutrition For Mothers During Breastfeeding

You do not have to eat special foods or drink milk during breastfeeding. You also do not need to avoid special foods or beverages, with two important exceptions. Take caffeine-containing beverages only in moderation and avoid alcohol completely.

Breast-Feeding Nutrition

Some foods change the taste of their breast milk, but babies rarely react to it. If your baby is reacting after eating a particular food or spice, try to avoid this food or spice for about few days. Watch your baby and see if the behavior stops. Sometimes you have to dispense with this particular food for two to three weeks or even longer until the baby tolerates it again.

You need enough fluid to stay hydrated, but you should only drink to quench your thirst. You drink adequately if the color of your urine is translucent to pale yellow. Two litres of liquid per day (or more if you are used to it) are a good goal. Remember that soup and other foods also contain water.

 Alcohol also enters your bloodstream and can be passed on to your baby very quickly via the breast milk. It is best to refrain from alcohol completely during breastfeeding. Each mother and each baby react differently to certain foods. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your doctor or your nursing consultant.

Nutrition During Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, the mother should eat varied, mineral and vitamin-rich food. Breastfeeding mothers need daily about 600 to 800 calories in addition. Foods such as cabbage or beans can also cause flatulence in the child.

The more often it is created, the more milk is formed. Today, it is no longer advised to abide by fixed breastfeeding, but to adapt the rhythm of breastfeeding to the needs of the child.

mothers during breastfeeding

Mothers during breastfeeding nutrition reduces the risk for the baby to suffer from allergies. According to current guidelines on allergy prevention, the enjoyment of fatty fish during pregnancy and breastfeeding also seems to reduce the risk of atopic diseases such as asthma, hay fever and neurodermatitis in the child.


What Is Healthy Nutrition And A Balanced Diet ?

You always talk about healthy eating, but do you really know what that is? We have collected all the information you need for a healthy nutrition and balanced diet and revealed the most common mistakes. Discover the basic building blocks your body needs and follow our tips, so that you can stay healthy and fit.

Healthy eating is the optimal diet that gives the body what it needs. You should eat a balanced diet and not too much, but not too little either. Healthy eating also does not forbid small sins like candy or fast food, but these foods are of course not the top priority.

Vegetables And Fruit

5 portions of fresh vegetables and fruit should be there in the daytime, a small apple in between meals. If anything, you should only cook the vegetables briefly, fresh you will get the most vitamins delivered and stay so healthy. Get creative and mix your power smoothies.

healthy nutrition

Drinking Enough

1.5 liters of liquid a day is obligatory. Water is always preferred, and sugar-sweetened drinks are rarely allowed. Alcohol, of course, can only be enjoyed in moderation.

Look At Your Weight And Move Healthy

Eating is just the first step. Movement also belongs to a healthy lifestyle and promotes what is good for the body through nutrition. Those who eat a balanced diet, drink enough and often take the bicycle instead of the bus, can be sure to care for the body in the best possible way.

Milk, Fish And Meat

Animal foods contain valuable nutrients such as calcium (in milk) or iodine and N-3 fatty acids (in fish). Fish should always have a sustainable origin. White meat, for example poultry, is healthier than red, like beef, overall it should be no more than 300g to 600g of meat per week.

Sugar And Salt

In moderation this is actually already said. Sugar is hidden in many foodstuffs, especially drinks are often full of them. So instead of making iced tea from the supermarket, you prefer to make your own tee and put it in the fridge.

Interesting Ways To Get In Shape Quickly Fit

People with obesity often have the desire to be able to remove the ugly fat quickly. Overweight not only restricts your quality of life, but is also extremely unhealthy for the entire body! With the following tips, people with overweight can quickly lose weight and do something good for their body.

Choose The Right Starter

20 minutes before each big meal, we recommend you to eat a piece of fruit, such as a banana or an apple. To do this, you drink half a litre of water, which fills your stomach and increases the feeling of saturation more quickly.

First The Vegetables, Then The Pleasure

To each meal you should eat a medium-sized portion of vegetables. You eat the vegetables at the beginning and only when the vegetable plate is empty, it goes to the rest of the meal. Vegetables generally have very few calories, but a lot of volume. Your stomach will be full a little bit and you’ll automatically eat less of the remaining meal.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Calorie Specs

Pay attention to the calories! Many people believe that when it comes to calorie data it becomes complicated. On the contrary! If you often take a look at the calories, you get a good feeling after a short time which products contain many calories. In the course of time, you will learn the calories in the subconscious and so you have to look at the calorie specs more and less often.

quickly fit

Finding Hidden Calories

A meal can still be as healthy and low in calories when a fat sauce floats over it. Pay special attention to the selection of sauces. This is where butter and cooking oil usually hides.