Try These 2 Juices For A Flat Belly

A flat belly is particularly desirable in the summer months. A flat belly is not always self-evident. Even slender people can show a roundish tummy through flatulence, water storage and other ailments, which is perceived as a blemish.

Of course, the most common cause is excess belly fat, which is slow, but still safe, fed. As a further cause of a “small tummy”, there are also bloating, constipation or water storage. These are relatively easy and quick to fix, so that the effect of a flat abdomen occurs very quickly. Basically you should heed the following tips:

Lemon Juice

Of course, lemon juice does not melt fat, but it can still help us during a diet. The lemon contains not only citric acid, but also natural bitter substances that act as a natural appetite suppressant. In addition, these bitter substances act against bacteria, cancer and inflammation and lower cholesterol. Particularly many bitter substances are in the peel of the lemon – especially in the white areas. This also applies to all other citrus fruits, but especially to grapefruits.

In order to benefit from the bitters against belly bacon, a whole lemon velvet bowl mash to a lemonade and dispense with sugar. You only need: 1 lemon and 500ml of water.

Cut the well-washed lemon from organic cultivation into small pieces, add the water and work both ingredients in the blender to a lemonade. If you like, the lemonade can still taste with Melissa or basil.

Kefir With Berries

Kefir contains healthy lactic acid bacteria, which are very similar to those of the intestinal flora.

Thus, kefir contributes to a healthy intestinal flora that regulates digestion. In currants there are many fibers through the cores and solid shell of the individual berries, which stimulate the bowel activity in case of constipation. You need: Bottle of kefir, 1 handful of currants.

flat belly

Fill the kefir in a bowl, pluck the currants from the stem and try whether you have to sweeten. If the kefir or the berries taste too sour, find healthy or calorie-free alternatives to sugar, for example stevia.



What To Consume During Pregnancy?

Now, in pregnancy, it is particularly important that you eat a balanced diet. So you and your baby get all the nutrients you need.

If you already suspect that you have not always eaten healthily, it is all the more important to start in your pregnancy. Enjoy nutrient-rich and balanced food. Your daily meals should include all food main groups as recommended.

Food Guide For Pregnant Women

Protein Rich Foods

This includes mainly lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes such as peas, beans and lentils. Meat including sausage and eggs should come on the table two to three times. Try to eat fish once or twice a week, whether fresh, frozen or out of the box, the main thing is that it is not raw.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese and yogurt belong to this group-all contain a lot of protein and calcium. Eat three portions of it daily, such as a slice of cheese, a yogurt and a glass of milk.

Iron And Folic Acid

Especially iron and folic acid are important in pregnancy and they have a higher need than usual. Consult your doctor to see if you should be feeding these substances with a dietary supplement.

Fruits And Vegetables

Try to eat five fruits and vegetables a day-be it fresh, frozen, dried or as freshly squeezed juice or as a homemade smoothie.

consume during pregnancy

You should not take more than 200 mg caffeine daily. This is equivalent to a large cup filter coffee (depending on strength) or four cups of tea or five cans of cola. Get on decaffeinated coffee.

Even if you’re not hungry, your baby may be hungry. Therefore, you should eat regularly. Try it with three full meals and two to three healthy snacks in between. And if regular meals are difficult due to morning or constant nausea, lack of appetite, heartburn or indigestion, then try to eat a lot of small snacks instead. To digest a trifle five to six times a day can be easier for your body than three large meals.

How To Get Children To Eat Healthily?

Eating habits are learned in childhood and are later largely maintained. But how do you get children to eat healthily? Reminders and penalties are quickly going backwards. Better to work out healthy diets when parents are preliving them. A few practical tricks also help with delicate and overweight children.

How to Get Children to Eat Healthy Foods

The body of a child is in growth. For this, children need particularly high-quality food. In particular, the  minerals and vitamins play an important role.

A healthy diet helps to make children healthy adults – also because the dietary habits learned in childhood and adolescence tend to continue in adulthood. Through their role model and the selection of food, parents can promote the healthy diet of their children.

But not only what, but also how often children eat is important. Compared to adults, they have less storage capacity than nutrients, especially the carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, a regular meal rhythm is advisable. For each meal, water should be drunk to cover the fluid requirement.

It is recommended to have three main meals and one snack in the morning and afternoon. The main dishes should not be too lush, salty or greasy, and the snacks will consist of small portions of fruit and vegetables supplemented with dairy and cereal products.

-Compromises can be reached with older children. If you wish to have a meal or two a week, you can eat on the other days without having to complain big.

-Common meals are important. Whoever puts his child on the table alone must not be surprised if it eats hardly anything.

-Children feel exactly when they are full, unlike some adults. However, they still have no sense of what quantities are filling, which means that the eye is often larger than the stomach with the small ones.

-Children understand abstract arguments like “you become big and strong”, “that makes you fat”, “you  get bad teeth”, they often cause the opposite.

-Sweets should only be kept in small portions.

-Parents should be a role model for children and eat as little as possible.


The Secret Of A Healthy Life – Strengthening The Bones

A healthy life diet is essential for strengthening bones and preventing bone fractures, osteoporosis, spinal deformation, dental problems and many other diseases.

In order to avoid these diseases, it is important to integrate foods that are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D and omega 3 into our diet, as they provide healthy bones.

Movement creates stable bones 

Our skeleton is in large part made of calcium. The bones are not dead tissue, bone substance is erected and degraded throughout life. How hard the pillars of our body become depends on various factors. Regular exercise is considered to be the most important measure to prevent bone loss. The reason: the strains stimulate the bone metabolism.

Dairy products and green vegetables as calcium suppliers

In the diet, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K are considered the most important nutrients for bone metabolism. Only those who take enough calcium at a young age can build up stable bones. Dairy products, especially cheeses, are very good calcium suppliers.

Sunlight Strengthens The Bones

Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium into the bones. Since vitamin D has been formed by solar radiation in the skin, according to the experts, it is sufficient to enter the air for half an hour per day in the summer, about an hour in winter. Older people or those who have no way to do so should take vitamin D over the food. The best suppliers for this are fat fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna sow.

Equilibrium training 

In old age leaves our sense of equilibrium. Equilibrium exercises have turned out to be a very effective way of preventing falls. Even these simple exercises, repeated daily a few times, will help you to get a better bone density.

healthy life

Moderate Muscle Training

If you want to strengthen your bones, sport and especially muscle training is incessant. The more our support apparatus is demanded, the more substance is built up. Therefore, much movement is important especially in childhood and adolescence. However, even from the age of 30 and in the second half of life, strength training helps to reduce the degradation of the bone substance.

Sport Is Very Effective For Cancer Patients And Improves The Quality Of Life

The effects of sport in cancer patients have recently been increasingly investigated in clinical trials. It has been shown that physical activity can measurably reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or antihormonal therapy. It also boosts performance and self-confidence, which can greatly improve the quality of life. But not only that: physical activity also has direct influences on the development of cancer, the course of cancer and the risk of relapse. It thus contributes to the prevention of cancer, both in primary, secondary and also tertiary prevention. In addition, sport can improve the quality of life during the disease.

Exercise In Cancer

Today, it is assumed that athletically active people can reduce their risk of developing cancer by an average of 20 to 30 percent. If cancer is still occurring, patients who have exercised regularly before their illness are shown to have a lower risk of relapse.

Exercise Can Improve Cancer

Even so far more inactive patients can benefit from a change in their lifestyle: physical activity after a tumor disease has been proven to reduce the risk of recovering and increases the likelihood of permanent healing. Depending on the type of tumor, this effect can be beneficial to the same degree as chemotherapy or Antihormontherapie. This has been particularly well studied for breast, intestinal and prostate cancer. For example, a recent study from the US shows the need for sport in breast cancer patients. It investigated the extent to which walking or jogging affects the survival rate of women with breast cancer. The study shows that the intensity of the sporting activity is related to the survival rate.

cancer patients

Physical Exercise and Quality of Life

It becomes particularly clear that especially jogging reduces breast cancer mortality. But also for leukemia and other cancer patients, positive effects have already been shown in studies.


Learn Manage Your Stress During Studies

Exams, presentations, deadlines – students often suffer from stress during their studies. This can lead to physical or psychological discomfort. However, if you obey some of these tips for effective stress management, you can prevent stress.

Upcoming exams or presentations prepare many students stress during their studies. More than every 2nd student suffers from test stress and time pressure. First of all, the stress in the study increases the physical and mental energy and efficiency. After individual stress phases, however, the body needs sufficient relaxation and recovery phases. Due to pressure and continuous stress during the studies these important phases of resting may remain. Your body is your body is in a chronic state of tension. In the long term this is not healthy and leads, among other things, to exhaustion and overexposure.

Time Management

Unstructured and unorganized work can quickly lead to stress. Create a schedule regularly, especially during exam phases. There you will perform all the tasks you need to do. Sort them by priorities and consider exact time limits. Do not postpone everything until the end of the semester, then stress is pre-programmed.

Realistic Expectations

Don’t let yourself be influenced by how much your fellow students have already learned or how well you reconcile your studies with your hobbies. Focus on yourself and your individual dealings with stress in study and private life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your own well-being belongs to the right diet. Be careful not only to eat sweet and fast food during stress periods, but also to reach fruit and vegetables more often. That gives you energy. You should also drink enough to be able to stay productive.

Get Rid Of Frustration

If you have a lot of stress and frustration with you, you should take care of balance. Sport – especially endurance sports are very well suited as it can serve as a valve for stress-induced tension. You can find cheap sports offers at your Unisport – center. Positive side effect: You can get your physical well-being and fitness.

learn manage

Detecting Causes

Only if you know what causes the stress, you can do something about it. Watch over a long time, when and why stress situations arise with you. Do you keep pushing up tasks and are at the end under time? Do you want to do everything at once and as perfectly as possible? Do external factors burden you like a quarrel with the boyfriend or the girlfriend? Such factors can put a lot of pressure on you and encourage stress in your studies. Try to identify and avoid personal stress generators.


Drinking A Lot Is Important For Sore Throats And Flu Infection

Sore throats are often the symptom of a flu infection. The right drinks will help to solve the problem.

 It usually starts with an annoying scratching in the throat, which develops into full-blown throat pain in a short time – the flu infection, a typical representative of the winter cold season. Here only help rest and home remedies until the disease is cured. Especially important, drink a lot.

Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Influenza

Many patients still use a classic for sore throats: The good old mint tea. Mint tea in sore and hoarseness actually hurts more than its benefits. Due to the essential oils contained in the tea, the mucous membranes can dry out and the neck feels even more irritated, say experts. The tea may not be too hot, it can damage the vocal cords and increase the hoarseness.

However, if you suffer from coughing instead of sore throat, you may want to brew a can of mint tea. In such a case, the essential oils help to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of the cold.

The fluids keep the mucous membranes most and cold viruses cannot multiply so well. Medicinal plants have a germ-inhibiting effect, inflammation-insulating and swelling, and are therefore tea. Herbal teas are recommended for example from thyme, chamomile and mallow or the famous hot lemon. Whether hot or cold is not decisive and depends on personal preference.

During the acute phase, you should take as soft and non-irritating food as possible and pay attention to physical care for one or two days. It is important to avoid draught, long and loud speaking as well as smoking. The living rooms should have enough humidity too.

flu infection

Since even more serious infections such as bacterial tonsillitis may be the cause, you should consult a doctor if the symptoms are very pronounced or last longer than three days, or with fever, shortness of breath or severe swallowing problems accompanied.


Positive Psychology And The Role Of Our Genes

What makes us really happy? Why is happiness often frightening us? And what role do our genes play in this? Luckily researchers are aware of this.

Genetics of Psychological Well-Being

Although it may seem surprising at first, our genes seem to have a much greater impact on our happiness than money or family. Researchers suspect that they define a kind of basic level of life satisfaction, which can then change up or down. In the meantime, numerous studies suggest this direction.

What happens in the brain when we’re happy? Which brain regions, which messengers are involved in our high feelings? All the books have already been written about these questions, they cannot be explained in a few paragraphs in detail. The neurobiology of Happiness is complex – and like most processes in the brain, we have not yet fully understood it. Our reward system plays a central role in our feelings of happiness and the urge to always turn to the very things that really make us happy. It consists of a whole range of brain areas, which communicate dopamine with each other above all through the messenger substance.

Positive Psychology Theory

These brain regions could also play an important role in terms of continuing happiness. For example, studies show that people in whom the ventral striatum and the prefrontal cortex are particularly persistently responsive to positive stimuli are ultimately happier through life. In other words, both areas fire tirelessly even if one presents them with a positive experience after another.

However, it is difficult to picking individual factors and determine their size of influence. Looking at their effects at the societal level, it becomes clear that they sometimes contribute less to our happiness than we have assumed. For example, children are quite a double-edged sword in terms of satisfaction: Surely there are many people who regard their children as the best thing that has ever happened to them in their lives. On the other hand, you can be the source of stress and problems. Overall, according to studies, the happiness difference between parents and childless persons is not particularly great. The impact of young people on life satisfaction also depends on numerous environmental factors such as the financial situation and the reconciliation of family and work.


3 Best Psychological Books

The “psychology” division, especially in the form of counselors, is currently one of the most popular categories in the world of books. Dealing with our feelings and understanding them in an in-depth way is essential to living a fulfilled life. This is why psychological books are an excellent tool for understanding and personal growth.

Greatest Psychology Books

There are a variety of topics and areas that can cover books about psychology and be very helpful to us in various matters. Everything depends on our current state of mind and our problem, more specifically on what area of our life we want to develop or improve.

Looking through and treating people properly: psychology for work and family

In his informative and entertaining book, Werner Correll describes why it is an art to deal with people properly. He points out that, for both our professional success and our private relations, the interpersonal aspect is the linchpin. He relies on his psychological knowledge and answers basic questions from the areas of living together, interaction and communication.

Emotional Intelligence

This counselor has been written many years ago, but still promises a very high learning effect. It is highly recommended and a reference for many psychologists of our time. In this book, the author analyzes in a brilliant way the relationship between thought and emotion world. 

Also, with this book, Daniel Goleman offers us the opportunity to learn what emotional intelligence means, how we can strengthen it and what it consists of. It is a well-known book on psychology that helps us to better understand ourselves and our fellow human beings.

psychological books

Fast Thinking, Slow Thinking 

This book has unexpectedly become an international bestseller. It describes the two forms or systems that have control over our thoughts in order to improve our quality of life through our thought quality. Daniel Kahneman surprises us by showing us how little we can trust our brain. It is linked through and through and often involves a wrong and unfinished rationing.


Creating The Right Nutritional Plan For Muscle Building

To create a nutritional plan for muscle building, several steps should be taken. For example, the daily calorie requirement should be calculated first. It is also important to provide the body with important nutrients, especially during physical exertion. Therefore, these should also be calculated in advance and the values should be implemented as precisely as possible.

How to Build Muscle

Therefore, these should also be calculated in advance and the values should be implemented as precisely as possible. In the course of the preparation of the plan, the selection of suitable foodstuffs is carried out, as well as a meaningful compilation of individual meals.

For example, it is close to control your weight on a daily basis in order to keep an eye on your own weight and to control it in good time if an increase in fat cells is emerging. Because if you want to muscle building mass, a weekly increase of 300-500 g is optimal.

If your value is above this, it is most likely due to the fact that the fat stores are also growing despite the sport. In this case, you should reduce your daily calorie intake by around 10%, but maintain the percentages of each nutrient.

Muscle Building Tips

It is important that you always measure yourself under the same circumstances in order to exclude coarser fluctuations (even if the weight development is always subject to individual fluctuations). It is best to cradle yourself in the morning, before eating, as little as possible.

muscle building

If you’ve had trouble keeping a nutritional concept up for more than a few days before the good intentions go overboard, a nutritional plan can help you get your food under control, even on sweets. With the perfect nutrition plan tailored to the needs of the female organism, you not only reach your individual goals, but also support your body by using essential micro-nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and iron providing.